Joseph Saunderson (Typhosyon) Avatar

Awesome customer service. I was referred to them by my acupuncturist and they were able to squeeze me in the same day for x-ray and adjustment. After the adjustment I was able to get the best sleep in months

Joseph Saunderson (Typhosyon)

Antoinette Rascon Avatar

Love the detail and expertise, as well as the hustle and bustle. I was very impressed with how smooth this office was run and my adjustment was incredible. I’ve been to several chiropractors and was very impressed st Demoss Chiropractic. It was worth the long drive out. I will return with the entire family.

Antoinette Rascon

Julie Wilson Avatar

Dr. Bill Demos is the best chiropractor I’ve ever been to, hands down. I have severe osteoarthritis in my hips from old injuries and had to get a total hip replacement 3 months ago. My pelvis and spine have been completely out of alignment due to years of compensation and it’s only gotten worse since my surgery. I have tried so many chiropractors, and all of them just do quick adjustments without any real analysis of my problem.
Dr. Bill Demoss took the time to examine my entire spine and set me up with a protocol to get everything back in alignment. After my very first appointment, I was already almost completely pain-free!! I’ve been dealing with chronic pain for so long, I can’t remember a time I felt this good. I honestly want to cry tears of joy! I will be a loyal patient for life!

Julie Wilson

Pamela Baergen Avatar

Great positive energy! All the staff is really helpful and friendly. Fully equipped office to meet all your needs. They are thorough and knowledgeable. Check out their workshops! Love the masks optional!

Pamela Baergen

Vicki Gee Avatar

I was at the Pearl Yoga and hiking resort in September and over did it. I had back and neck surgery in 2013 and no chiropractor had touched me since. When I walked in i was welcomed. I could not move my neck as was scared. Dr. Joe was amazing, he reviewed my X-rays first, talked to me, understanding my fears and he handled me flawlessly. The entire staff welcomed me and their philosophy resonated with all my beliefs - I recommend them highly.

Vicki Gee

Eric Newport Avatar

Billy DeMoss has leveled past this dimension and is in a much more beautiful and enlightened one. He is truly a magical man that can and will fix issues with your body and mind that you didn’t even know were related to your spine. He is far from your typical chiropractor. I went in with some neck and back issues and he started asking me about why I checked off anxiety and mental problems. I have been suffering from servers panic attacks that came out of no where and sometimes lead me to the ER. Not a single doctor could help me and they really don’t understand what causes them. The only way conventional medicine doctors treat panic attacks is by prescribing Xanax or similar drugs which I refuse to take. Billy knew exactly what caused it, educated me about it and then fixed it!!! That blows my mind...

Also his staff is amazing, all of them are super nice and really chill. I loved the vibes in there.

This place is truly a gift and we are lucky that it exist. I feel amazing after my visit and I can’t wait to go back

Eric Newport

Yulanda Hayes Avatar

Today was my first visit to DeMoss Chiropractic. The staff was Very friendly, knowledgeable and accommodating. Dr. DeMoss was friendly, thorough and professional. He definitely has a passion for health and wellness. And a positive and uplifting energy. I love that. He took the time to really get to the core of my pain and was optimistic about getting me on a path of healing. Yay! Super stoked to be a new patient and looking forward to optimizing my health.

Yulanda Hayes

Kathy Hart Avatar

This is a wonderful Chiropractic office. The office staff are very warm, friendly and accommodating. Neesa is the best! I love the fact that children can move about freely and be children. Dr G and Dr Q are terrific. Warm, caring and definitely people persons which is a huge plus. They take the time to listen to you and during adjustments they often ask if what they are doing is okay. They are up to date with newer techniques and tools to use for different manipulations. Great atmosphere nice people. Try it you will like it (-:

Kathy Hart