Sean Fraley Avatar

The best chiropractic care, hands down. For 30+ years my family and I have been fortunate to receive care from Demoss Chiropractic. Keep up the exceptional work!!

Sean Fraley

Chris Barron Avatar

Dr. Joe is the best. I started regular visits in 2022 with neck curvature and lower back scoliosis issues. I had a car accident at the beginning of 2023. I was able to get side-by-side x-rays that clearly shows the trauma of the accident. within seven months I was looking at an x-ray that was in better shape than I was when I first went to see them. probably the best shape my spine has been in for many many years. I feel great.

Chris Barron

Jessika Parker Avatar

"Ten years of exceptional care! I've been a patient of DeMoss Chiropractic for a decade, and I couldn't be more satisfied with the level of care and expertise. Dr Bill and Dr Joe have consistently provided me with effective treatment, improved my quality of life, and maintained my spinal health. Their professionalism, knowledge, and genuine concern for their patients make them the best in the field. I highly recommend DeMoss Chiropractic for long-term chiropractic care."


Jessika Parker

yohana sosa Avatar

I’m very happy found Dr Bill! best Doctor experience ever! not only for me but for my daughters as well. He’s very knowledgeable not only a Quiropractic but all body functions!❤️

yohana sosa

Rod Chew Avatar

Dr Bill and Dr Joe are very caring and have magic hands in their expertise in making your neck and spine back to a more youthful you. I’m very lucky to have found them to open my eyes to alternatives to traditional medicine. Thank you for being there.

Rod Chew

Betty Chew Avatar

I started going to DeMoss Chiropractor a couple months ago, because I have a severe neck pain. The X-ray shows I have a corroded disc on my neck and my neck is way out of alignment After 36 treatments, a huge improvement in my neck from the new X-ray, and I feel so much more flexible and almost pain-free. Both doctors have a great passion for healing their patients and also share their knowledge of wellness and improved lifestyle. I will keep going to them to pursue my healthy journey.
The front desk - Fatima is super knowledgeable, and kind, she makes everyone feel comfortable.

Betty Chew

Stephen King Avatar

This office is the best! Dr. Billy and Dr. Joe give the best adjustments. I was skeptical of Chiropractic but after seeing the DeMoss team for the past 9 months my back and neck feel much, much better! Thanks for everything!

Stephen King

Erik Hall Avatar

Exceptional chiropractic care at its finest. Dr. Bill and his team exemplify the pinnacle that chiropractors should aspire to. They navigate through today's barrage of misinformation in the medical field, offering a breath of fresh air. From my initial meeting with Dr. Bill and Dr. Joe, I felt enlightened.

If you find yourself entrapped by the narratives the media presents about your health, attending their workshops would undeniably benefit you. Approach with an open mind and be prepared to amass immense knowledge about your body and the multifaceted challenges humanity faces, from technological impacts to our dietary choices.

I have genuine admiration for these dedicated individuals who are fervently committed to guiding people towards optimal well-being. With heartfelt regards, -Erik Hall

Erik Hall

Rob & Susie Romero Avatar

If you want to get to the root of your symptoms and start healing from within then this is the place to start your journey. We love Dr Demoss and his staff. Top notch all the way.

Rob & Susie Romero

kellymariefitz Avatar

Dr Billy Demoss is the best chiropractor i’ve been to. He is extremely thorough , and most of all kind. i’m looking forward to continuing treatment. he’s also intuitive about patients emotional distress and trauma. it’s almost like therapy as well. i highly recommend him.