Growing up as a competitive athlete, Dr. Garrison Gourdeau always had an interest in health and the prevention of sickness or injuries. This made becoming a chiropractor an ideal fit for him. Dr. G ultimately received a degree in Kinesiology from Westmont College and attended Southern California University of Health Sciences where he obtained his Doctorate of Chiropractic in 2016. His experience lies in specific chiropractic techniques including diversified, Gonstead, Thompson, and he is constantly learning and adapting new methods to maximize patient's healing processes.

He believes that the more tools you have the more people you can serve. One of Dr. G's favorite parts of his job is that he gets to help people unlock their true health potential naturally every single day. As he puts it, The power of the chiropractor is removing interference and letting your body do what it was designed to do. Outside of the practice, Dr. Garrison enjoys playing sports, especially basketball, surfing, and attending concerts.