8 Reasons Chiropractic Maintenance Care Works!

Chiropractic results are best when chiropractic is utilized consistently. Consistency is key! For this reason, many experts compare chiropractic care to brushing your teeth. The following points come from a study (one of many) proving the efficacy and value of chiropractic wellness care!

8 Major Points of the Study:
1. In animal studies, fixation of facet joints for 4-8 weeks causes degenerative changes and osteophyte formation of the articular surfaces with facet articular surface degeneration beginning at less than 1 week.
2. Facet joint fixation resulted in synovial fibrotic adhesions that progressed to mild adhesions in 4 weeks, moderate adhesions in 8 weeks, and severe adhesions after 12 weeks.
3. In humans, it can be hypothesized that there is a period where the adhesions are forming WITHOUT CLINICAL SYMPTOMS. This would support the common weekly or monthly spinal adjustment despite the presence of symptoms.
4. Four weeks of joint immobilization has been found to cause a time-dependent loss of neurons that become progressively worse thereafter.
5. Joint immobilization has also been shown to cause muscle weakness, atrophy, and fatty infiltration and deposition into the muscle.
6. It is demonstrated that the spinal adjustment gaps the facet joints which may break up adhesions, preventing the fibrotic or degenerative process to continue.
7. There may be a possibility of reversal of the neuronal degeneration and muscular weakness through adjustments and remobilization of the joint.
8. Due to the neurological and bio-mechanical consequences of manipulative therapy, it is both logical and scientifically accurate that monthly spinal adjustive care prevents the progression of adhesion formation, joint degeneration, neuronal changes, and changes in muscular strength and recruitment.
Research shows that those who utilized chiropractic care before or after pain or symptoms were present, achieved the greatest benefit! Regular Chiropractic check ups and adjustments (when necessary) improves function, prevents future problems, and saves money by addressing the cause.

*Source: Journal of Chiropractic Humanities. 2011 Dec; 18(1): 74’85.
* ChiropracticAdvocate.com

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