Prop 64: Understanding the Basics!

California voted yes on Prop 64 in November. So, what does this mean? Well, Prop 64 legalized marijuana and hemp for recreational use, though it has been legal for medicinal use for several years. Some citizens who were against the passage of Prop 64 were vocal about their concerns regarding who could purchase it and how it is used in the public sphere. Prop 64 took this into consideration, making it illegal for those under 21 (similar to tabacco sales). Moreover, it can’t be smoked in public and users cannot drive while high or give it to minors. Commercial pot growers will be licensed and there will be regulations on labeling, packaging, and marketing the substance.

Californians who do not possess a medical marijuana card may not be abe to legally purchase pot from dispensaries until the second part of Prop 64 goes into effect on January 1st 2018.

Some things to look out for in the coming years. What will be Prop 64’s influence on the drug cartels — will it strengthen or weaken them? Will this Prop allow prime-time television ads for marijuana? If you object to this; consider what makes it different than beer advertisements? Just some things to keep in mind.

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Chiropractic and The Brain

Thousands of people of all ages across the world were asked whether they would rather suffer from a back problem or a brain problem. Every single individual responded that they would choose to suffer from a back related issue. People tend to assume that even severe back problems present less of a health challenge than brain problems because the brain regulates so many aspects of life and health. People too often misunderstand that the truth of the circumstance unites the organs. The brain and spine combine to form the nervous system and the nervous system regulates the health of the body. Research shows that a back problem is a brain problem. Chiropractic care improves the brain and the health of the entire body through specific adjustments to the spine.

Millions of Chiropractic patients all over the world experience life and health-transforming benefits from Chiropractic care. Over 120 years have witnessed patience experience improved sleep, energy, digestion, breathing, reproduction, immunity, and heart function through the optimization of the nervous system. Frequent and regular chiropractic adjustments improve health for adults, babies and children from the day of their birth. 

The scientific research and medical communities originally stood in general opposition to crediting Chiropractic with non-spine related health improvements. These groups often cited a lack of scientific validation over the course of the decades that followed the development of Chiropractic care. Some medical doctors went so far as to slander Chiropractic in hopes of discrediting a profession determined to help people without the use of drugs and harmful surgeries. A wealth of science and research now exists explaining exactly how a Chiropractic adjustment can authentically achieve

significant benefits for people experiencing non-spine related health conditions. The spine directly impacts brain function. 

Four specific research articles done over the last decade prove that the largest benefit of a Chiropractic adjustment happens in the brain. An intimate relationship exists between the

spine, brain, and autonomic nervous system. The first Chiropractic adjustment took place in Iowa in 1895 and restored a man’s hearing. Mahatma Gandhi began receiving multiple adjustments every week for three months after experiencing problems related to high blood pressure. Gandhi’s blood pressure issues subsided as did the Spanish influenza threat to thousands of people who pursued adjustments during the epidemic of 1918 that claimed the lives of nearly five percent of the world’s population. These brief examples represent a small sampling of people who achieved health benefits through brain and autonomic changes credited to Chiropractic adjustments.

The research continues to build. Chiropractic adjustments improve brain function and benefit almost every aspect of human performance. All humans deserve access to Chiropractic care. Proper education and continually updated research will overcome the notion that Chiropractic only addresses back and neck pain. Chiropractors locate and correct small and subtle misalignments in the spine called subluxations. Subluxations always alter brain and autonomic nervous system function. Subluxations do not always cause pain despite a massive detriment to health similar to arteries that gradually clog without warning. All adults, children, and babies benefit from regular spinal examinations. Chiropractors improve brain and body health by improving spinal health through the Chiropractic adjustment. A healthy spine walks hand in hand with a healthy brain, and in the end, optimal health is all about the brain.

This post was researched and written by Dan Sullivan, DC.